Why Vinyl Graphics give you an edge when Restyling Golf Cars

Sharper Images Custom Graphics Feature Cover Article in Golf Car Advisor

The Golf Car Advisor is a bi-monthly, informative trade magazine about the Golf Car Industry.

This article appeared in this November/December 2002 issue focusing on our graphic services.


In today’s market, business owners are looking for an edge, something that sets their product apart from their competition. With a slower economy and perhaps less traffic coming into dealer showrooms, it makes owners wonder what they can do to stimulate interest in their products. Something that will make a customer say, “ I want it now, where do I sign”? Instead of, “I would like to go home and think about it”. So what can you do? Flashing lights? Marching Band? Dancing poodles? No. How about something that really works — custom golf cart graphics, from Sharper Images Custom Graphics.

Give your customers a choice

Graphics have been around for many decades and used on mostly automobiles
and motorcycles. But what was the purpose? Yes, graphics are used to accent
body lines. But the primary reason for adding graphics to anything is to make
it stand out as different. To have something unique that no one else has. Something
that will turn heads and makes people look twice. That’;s why not every
house on your block is white and why there are a million different color automobiles
to choose from and why you get a major headache when you look for new carpeting.
People want a choice even when it comes to shopping for a golf cart.

Every dealer has the usual white, tan and green golf cart. So what are you going to do to make yours different from the dealer down the street? What are you going to do to make that customer want to buy your golf cart? Why not show them something different? Give them a reason to buy from you. That’;s how Sharper Images Custom Graphics can help.

An easier, affordable solution for graphics

In the past, if a golf cart dealer wanted to customize a cart they would have
to pay to have it custom painted which can be very costly and in some cases
unprofessional. Another alternative was to try to slice down an automotive
graphics kit to get it to fit. That’;s not easy considering that most
are at least 75″ long to
start with. Or they could go to a local sign shop and spend countless hours looking
at old outdated objects hoping that what they find would be something that
will look even remotely cool. Doesn’t’;t sound like very much fun and
it’;s not. Thankfully, though, Sharper Images Custom Graphics has remedied
that problem by the introduction of their custom
sized, guaranteed to fit, vinyl graphics for golf carts

What a relief that there is no more guess work involved when it comes to putting
graphics on your golf carts. No more slicing material down. No more calling
that expensive unreliable mobile guy who never comes when you need him. One
phone call is all it takes. With over30
colors in stock
and over 40 graphic design choices available, you will never be left in the dark

Sharp designs, top quality

Whether you are looking for a subtle design to accent a seat cover or an all out radical flame kit to get some attention, Sharper Images Custom Graphics has it.

“Our vinyl graphics are top shelf, we use only the best automotive grade material available.” stated Pete Ameno, owner of the company.

You may be saying all this sounds great but it probably takes weeks for orders
to be shipped out. That’;s not the case at all. With Sharper Images Custom Graphic‚s
state of the art manufacturing equipment, orders are able to be shipped the
same to next day. Now that’;s service!

With the release of 12 new kits, there is an even bigger reason to get your
orders in today. Never have golf cart dealers had so many choices when it
comes to customizing a golf cart.17 registered camouflage patterns for covering jeep, golf car or any other vehicle with.

Dealers recommend SICG

Perhaps you are a little skeptical as to whether graphics will really work
for your company. Let’s see how some owners feel about Sharper Images
Custom Graphics (SICG). Art Hobson Jr. of Art’s Golf Cars, Inc. was asked
if he felt the graphics from Sharper Images Custom Graphics helped his sales.

definitely they do help our sales. When a customers comes in and sees a cart
with graphics they are automatically attracted to that one over a cart that
is not customized.”

Why do you Choose SICG?

“Our orders are received very quickly and that’s
important. We don’;t like our customers to wait. Also, they have a great
selection of graphics to choose from with a wide variety of colors. We like
to give our customers a choice, it gets them more involved in the purchase
of their cart.”

Would you recommend SICG to other dealers?

“I definitely would. They
have a great product, good service and reasonable prices. What more could we
ask for?” Art Hobson Jr., Art’s Golf Cars, Inc. Dundee,
FL (863) 439-5431

Rod Thompson of Town and Country Golf Cars had this to say about SICG:

Do you feel graphics help your sales?

“Without a doubt, after
we install graphics on a cart we display it in front of our showroom and in
no time it sells. Graphics definitely help our carts to sell.”

Why do you choose SICG?

“Good quality material, prices are very competitive,
quick turn around on orders and they are willing to do special request orders
without a hassle.”

Would you recommend SICG to other dealers?

“I definitely would. Anyone
who tries graphics for the first time will see that their sales will increase.”– Rod
Thompson, Town and Country Golf Cars, Lady Lake, FL, (352) 753-9392.

Wide selection of camouflage material

Next, some dealers were asked about the awesome Camouflage material that SICG offer. They specialize in over 17 authorized patterns of Camouflage including: RealTree, Advantage, Mossy Oak and others. SICG feels that the advantage of their material is in the digitally printed patterns, which are much clearer than those of other manufacturers. The vinyl itself is specifically formulated to roll over contoured corners with ease, making installation a breeze.

Harry Bullard of Harry Bullard Golf Carts was asked the following: How have
the Camouflage Graphics from SICG helped your sales?

“Every cart that we have installed the camouflage on has sold in a very short period of time, that’;s the main reason we like it. Our clientele of regular hunters really
like how the carts look after the camouflage is installed.”

Is the Camouflage easy to install on a golf cart?

“It installs very easy and is nice to work with. It only takes an hour to two to install it on a cart and we save
hundreds of dollars when compared to a dipped body. I would recommend this
camouflage to any dealer who thinks they have a market for It.”– Harry
Bullard, Harry Bullard Golf Carts, Hamilton, TX (254) 386-3466.

Billy Johnston from Golf-n-Go states that the camouflage from SICG really steps up the quality of their carts appearance.

“We always have at least one cart with camouflage on the lot for our customers to see. The quality is very good and the patterns are so clear that it looks like you can reach right in and pick up a twig out of the material. The material stretches and conforms to the body contours very easily. I would highly recommend this material to anyone who deals with serious hunters.” — Billy Johnston, Golf-n-Go, Chillicothe, MO, (660) 646-1143.

Graphics help sell carts

So there you have it, right from the owners themselves. The graphics and camouflage vinyl from Sharper Images Custom Graphics really does help sell carts and that’;s the bottom line. So if you ready to start moving more units, then cancel the marching band, forget the clowns, don’;t order the dancing poodles. All you have to do is make one call to Sharper Images Graphics and let them help you sell more golf carts.