Frequently Asked Questions

Take some time to view the answers to common questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any question or concern about our vinyl restyling decals and wraps.


What exactly is a vinyl wrap?

A vinyl wrap is when you take a specially formulated vinyl material print an image, logo, lettering etc… on it and completely cover the object to which it is applied.

Vinyl wraps are very popular, you have seen them in many applications and may not even know it. Have you ever watched a NASCAR race, if you have then by all means you have see a wrap. Many semi tractor trailers have large photographs on the complete side & back, this was done using wrapping film.

Many local deliver vans and box trucks have various type of advertising on them most of these are wraps as well. So, in many cases you have already seen a wrap and you just don’t know it.

How does it work?

Vinyl wrapping film isn’t just your average decal material. This film is specially formulated to easily conform to all types of curved, corrugated and convex surfaces. Unlike the average decal film which would never be able to do so, most films have an advanced air release system built into the material to prevent air bubbles and creases.

Another great feature is the adhesive is a very low tack adhesive to start, so it makes it very easy to work with. You can actually peel of the backing paper and dry set the material on the surface, if you are not happy with placement you can simply pick it up and lay it back down. Even if the adhesive touches itself,  you can simply pull it back apart without destroying the material.  Try doing that with standard decal film!! This is why you need to be sure when choosing a company to purchase from that they are really using a quality wrapping film with an equal cast sheet laminate to protect your wrap.

Some film manufactures are: Oracal, 3M, Avery, LG, Arlon.

Why is this better than painting?

Wraps are great because you can have custom effects applied to a wide variety of products for a fraction of the cost of custom paint.

As an example: We have many customers that are very excited to find us and purchase our Flame wraps.  Many of our golf car customers have expressed to us that prior to finding our custom wraps they were given custom paint/air brush quotes of over $2,000.00. Our wraps for a golf car start from $237.00. In addition, when you wrap you are receiving custom digital effects that in many cases are far superior in image quality, consistency & color vividness than that of painting.

Another factor that makes a wrap very popular is you can remove it up to 4 years with little to no adhesive left on the surface. You can turn just about any photo, pattern, logo, or effect into a wrap with minimal cost involved. Vinyl wraps are highly durable due to the sheet laminate that we use.

Why do you use a protective top sheet laminate over the print?

The purpose of any laminate covering is to protect the image over which it is applied from the elements, scratching & chemicals. 

We want to give our customers the most durable wraps possible and the best way to do this is by sheet laminating the wrap with a cast laminate. Although the production costs are much higher we have opted to use a hard cast laminate covering on our wrap products. What does this mean? In an nut shell: The competition uses 1/2 mil thick laminate ours is 2 1/2 mil thick that’s almost five (5) times thicker than most liquid laminates. The Results: Enhanced protection from abrasion, higher resistance to gasoline and chemicals & more resistance to UV fading.


How do I submit a photo to be posted in?

We are looking to increase our
photo gallery with pictures of our products on various types of items. Please contact us with your pictures and comments.

Do you offer custom designs, or just what is shown on the web site?

Yes. We can do custom or even convert your pictures into wrap product. We have many, many pattens that are not posted to the site so, we encourage you to please ask if your are looking for something in particular.

Can I submit a photo to be converted into a wrap?

Yes.Depending on the quality of the image this can be done. We also would need to know how you plan on using the image for a wrap project. Ex: Is it for a laptop computer, vehicle, etc…. We will need details from you the customer to be able to give you our requirements on photo size, & resolution. Many times we can use a standard jpeg image. We can also use .tif or .eps formats as well. It all depends on what your project is.

What is "Viewable Distance"?

Viewable distance the distance in which an image is intended to be viewed from. Most high definition patterns have a very close viewable distance something like 2′-6′. The average viewable distance for our patterns fall into that range. Some are better and some are worse. It depends on the pattern you are interested in & the requested size if we have to customize it. The more you increase the size the more pixilated the image will become.

Example: Driving on the highway you see billboards along the road. From the road you are traveling they look crisp and clear but if you were to walk up to it you would see up close the image was blurry and fuzzy even pixilated. The reason is because the image was not intended for close up viewing so no need to have a 300 ppi image on the highway.

The same goes with many wrap images, because of design and production limitations not all patterns are going to be crystal clear when viewing them from 1 foot. But if you take a few steps back and look at the image again you will see how nice and clear it becomes. That is viewing an image at it’s proper viewable distance.

If you are interested in the viewable distance of a particular wrap we have, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with an answer.

Do you offer solid color wraps?

Yes we can produce solid wraps but you need to consider a few points. We have available over 200 wrap patterns that can be used. We recommend that you do not choose solids for golf cars or any item that can not be completely covered by 1 sheet of wrap material(custom sheet sizes available). The reason is, because of the seams “tiles” where 2 sheets come together. When using solid colors that do not have a pattern on them the seams are very obvious.

The more detail and busy the pattern the less obvious the seams become. Golf cars for example have to have seams on them in a few select areas due to the size and shape of the units. Keep in mind that for the same or less than a solid color paint job you can have complete custom digital effects on most power sports vehicles. Also, wraps have the ability to be removed or repaired without much trouble. “Try that with custom paint.”

Can the wraps be removed?

Our wraps can be removed quite easily by applying heat to it and pulling it off. Leaving no damage or adhesive residue remaining on factory surfaces. See this quick video on how to remove a vinyl wrap.


How much does it cost?

The price is determined by the pattern you choose.  Most of our Body Skinz kits run from $237.00 to $359.00 price range.  You will notice a price associated with each pattern when you look at the product page.  If you have a need for more material than a standard kit we can pro-rate the cost based on your needs.  Please feel free to contact us. 

Is it possible to get a custom sized sheet?

Yes. We do many custom orders for our customers. We do have some limitations though with material size. Feel free to contact us using the contact form at the top of the page, or Toll Free: 1-866-289-2358 with your project ideas and we will see what we can do for you.

Is it possible to get some samples small sheets to see what it would look like?

We are not able to send samples of each product. We go the extra mile when it comes to web illustrations of our patterns along with photos of the products applied. We hope these will give you the needed information prior to ordering.

Do you have a catalog of all your designs you can send?

No. Due to demand and our constantly adding new patterns we would be printing new literature weekly. It is best to check the website for updates. We post all of our new vinyl wrap patterns as soon as they are available.

Do you sell and ship International?

Yes, we have a shipping chart as you checkout you can choose your country and shipping options there.

Shipping International:
INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:ALL CUSTOMS/DUTY & BROKER FEES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE FREIGHT CHARGES. GolfCarGraphics DOES NOT ABSORB THESE FEES FOR ANY REASON.(contact your local customs terminal for fee information) has no control over the amount of time it may take a package to arrive to you. Tracking information is emailed to all customers when available.

Do you offer Volume Discounts?

Yes we sure do… We also offer discounts to dealers and companies that would like to resell our products to their customers. Let us know if you are interested by calling us at Toll Free: 1-866-289-2358


What about the seams with the smaller sheets?

Some people are worried about the seams… why??? this material, especially the camouflage can be tiled with little to no obvious view. Many of the patterns were designed to tile or seam together so you can have a continueous pattern. Keep in mind most seams stand out only to the person who applied the wrap because they know where they are.

The average person who is viewing the complete image does not see these small lines where the material comes together. Remember… seaming material is an industry standard and many professionl applications have seams in them you just don’t notice them. Feel free to ask us which pattern is less obvious when it comes to hiding seams.

Can I use your camo for hunting?

You might ask: “I need a flat material with no shine”…. Yes you have come to the right source for your hunting camo. All of our Licensed Camouflage vinyl wrap
is non gloss field functional film. This means it has no shine or reflective qualities to it so you can have confidence while traveling through the woods or field that you will not be seen.

Do you offer your other wrap patterns in Non-Gloss?

Yes we can produce any of our custom Body Skinz patterns with the flat non gloss laminate. Just let us know when you order.  (a fee may apply)

How well will it hold up to mud water and abuse?

Our wrapping film is manufactured for out door use this helps with resistance to UV, scratches, scuffs & many chemicals. The vinyl itself is 2.75 mil thick and the laminate is another 2 mil thick. This give the material a bit thicker feel which most of our customers really like.  Because of this the film is quite durable and can take some real abuse. But like anything else it has limitations. 

How well does vinyl wraps hold up in the cold?

If applied in the proper temperature the cold has no effect on the material. Many of our customers are using this product on snowmobiles. Custom snowmobile wraps are becoming very popular.

How long do wraps last for?

Our products are very durable products however, like any item you purchase how long it lasts depends much on how it is used and cared for. If you are hard on your equipment and do not wash or take care of it then you can expect it to wear out quicker than someone who cares for theirs.

Keep in mind our Body Skinz products all have a hard laminate that is applied over top of the wrapping film. This serves to protect the printed image from the effects of UV, scratches, fading and the elements.

I had to reorder more material & the color is different, why?

Printing is not an exact science and there are many factors that determine the output color of an individual job. Some of these factors we do not have any control over as a job is produced.

Things like:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • nozzle fire
  • head cleanness
  • other unforeseen factors

What does this mean? It means that you could order a pattern from us on your initial order and apply it, reorder the same pattern and have it arrive a few color shades off of the original. This can really cause you great issues because we can not guarantee that reorders will match exactly & for that matter even be close. This is why we recommend that you factor in enough material to complete the job plus a bit more just in case.

What temperatures can this material withstand once applied?

Our Wrapping film has a Temperature Resistance Adhered to aluminum, -58° F to +194° F no variation. If you have an item that exceeds 194° please contact us to discuss another application alternative.

Arizona heat: I live in Arizona, the summer heat exceeds 120 deg F can the Licensed Camo withstand?

The temperature range for the Licensed Camo (Mossy Oak, Real Tree etc.) is from -30 deg F to 200 deg F.

Will this film adhere to the finished surface of itself?

Yes, overlapping the film is an industry standard & it will stick to itself very nicely. I would recommend that prior to overlapping the material that you wipe the applied surface one more time with your alcohol & paper towel just to make sure. Reason being the way my decals are cut and designed there is slight overlap at one end which I’d really like to keep.

This means that one end of the decal of stripe #1 will be adhered to the body of the truck and the matching end of the decal of stripe #2 will overlap the finished surface of the end of #1 by about one half of an inch or so. Is this ok? Yes, you will have no issues if you follow the above instructions.

Down the road when I wax the vehicle's paint can this wrapping film get waxed?

We do not reccomend you wax the Matte finsh films but with the glossy, yes, you can wax over the film just be careful of the edges, just to be safe.

Do not use any type of wax that has cleaner or compound in it (no grit) it may scratch the laminate. A basic paste or liquid wax will give the film a nice shine.

Will the camo wraps damage the normal plastic on a golf cart when i remove to sell in a couple years?Im assuming this material is removable when needed? If

If the surface you are applying to is a factory finish & has never been painted then we can confidently say No you will not damage it by applying or removing this film. By having the film applied it actually acts as a preservative in that nothing can effect the finish because it is covered over. If it is not a factory finish then you should test the surface before you apply the wrapping film (apply at your own risk) In most cases you will not have any issues but we have no way of knowing who or how the surface was prepped prior to paint.

The film you will be applying is rated at a 4 year removability which means you can remove it up to 4 years after applying and it will leave little to no adhesive residue. It’s a really cool film it’s permanent but you have the ability to remove at any time.

What kind of surface coating I should apply to get maximum adhesion from the wrap? Do I need to give it a base coat of paint?

We recommend a smooth surface for wrap application. We have applied film to primed surfaces before. If you do a thorough wet sand with 600 grit wet-dry paper this will help. Make sure you have a glossy smooth surface when you are done. You can test the surface by applying masking tape to the surface. If masking tape adheres good you have a good chance the wrap will adhere as well. Always tape test your surface if you are unsure if the film will stick.

Can you wax over the wrap?

Yes, you can wax over the Glossy material once it is applied but we recommend that you wait a few weeks before doing so.

Also, be sure once the product is applied that you heat it up to 180 degrees to set the adhesive. “No cleaner wax”!! We do not recommend waxing the matte finish due to its texture. View all application videos.


Do you offer NFL, College, NASCAR, or other licensed logos or wraps?

No, we do not offer any licensed or TM logos because we do not have the licensing to legally offer these to our customers.  However, we have in the past offered various wraps or stripes in the theme or team colors and then you can purchase the licensed logo and apply the logo over top of the wrap.  

How do you apply these?

In a very basic description our products are peel and stick application. The material is adhesive backed so you just peel and stick. We go out of our way to be sure that our customers are well informed about application technique.

Each kit sold comes with these items:

  • Written application instructions with illustrations
  • FREE application tool
  • FREE phone tech support
  • Application schematic (if needed)
  • Access to FREE vinyl application installation videos
  • Access to comments and techniques from prior customers who have purchased and applied our “do it your self” vinyl wraps.

You only need a few tools…visit our video tutorial page.

I don't have any experience, how hard is it to install?

That is the million dollar question. To answer it you can take a look at
our blog posts where we have quite a number of photos and comments from our “first time users”. We will admit it does take effort and time to apply these products… but the effort and time are well worth it when you see the end result.

We go the extra mile to be sure our customers have the need information to feel confident about applying these wraps. (see question “how do you apply these”) The proof for us are the positive comments and emails we receive along with the photos from our happy customers.

If you have questions we would be more than happy to address them prior to purchase.

Do you provide application instructions?

Each wrap project kit comes with: Step by step application instructions with photos. These instructions cover surface prep, application temp, techniques & tips that contribute to a successful application.

All wrap kits come with a FREE application tool “squeegee” this is the same tool that the professionals use. We don’t stop there though, all of our customers are welcome to contact us by phone with any last minute questions using our FREE tech support customer service hot line.

Additional resources include: Access to our “Do It Yourself” application videos & comments, tips, suggestions & photos from first time users like your self who have purchased and applied our products.

We do our best to go the extra mile to be sure that our customers have the knowledge & confidence to achieve a successful wrap application.

If you have questions you need answered prior to making a purchase please feel free to contact us. Toll Free 866-289-2358

What are the chances that the edges of the film will lift or peel back if not edge wrapped or concealed?

If you prep the surface correctly prior to application following the instructions & then apply heat once the film has been applied you should have no issues at all. Most peeling issues are due to: lack of surface prep, a rush install, incorrect application temperature “to hot or to cold”, silicone contamination or over handling the adhesive side of the film with your fingers.

Can I put the wrap on a freshly painted surface?

It is a good idea to wait on your application if the unit was just painted. Most paints offgas for a period of time. You may want to ask the paint shop what the recommended wait time is for the brand of paint they use. If you apply to soon, it can cause major issues with air bubbles. We have applied over fresh paint jobs and never had this happen but that is not to say it won’t.