Golf Cart Full Body Wraps

Our high performance cast golf car wraps can be applied on most standard size golf carts.  If you have a 6 or 8 seat limo golf car, please contact us for the additional material needed.  We offer solid colors or wraps with a pattern.

Not sure if you can do it?
Watch our 6 part golf cart installation video series below and see how easy it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your wraps pre-cut?

Our golf car wraps are cut into panels to make application easier for first time users. When applied on the cart the panels mate together to create a seamless image if you have a pattern. Trimming is necessary. Please see our installation videos above which will show you how our kit is provided.

Will your wrap fit my cart?

Our kits fit most standard size golf carts. This would be a cart that has a front cowl and rear body. If you are not sure feel free to send us some photos of your cart. Many standard size carts have a rear seat kit that faces backwards. This does not impact the size of your cart. If your cart is a 6 or 8 seater we have kits for you as well. Please contact us for details.

Can I wrap my roof?

If your cart has a smooth fiberglass roof then we may be able to provide material for the roof. Please contact us for pricing. All other materials we recommend you paint with plastic paint.

What kind of wrap film do you use?

All of our golf cart wrapping film is high performance “cast” automotive / marine grade vinyl. Brands: 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal may be used depending on the product you order. This material has air-release qualities that prevent bubbles and wrinkling to occur. Our golf cart wraps are applied dry. See our application video above for installation techniques.

Can I get a repair panel if I need a replacement?

Yes, you can get a replacement panel for the section you need without having to purchase a whole kit again. Contact us.

What if my cart has been repainted or the paint is peeling?

The key to a long lasting cart wrap is making sure your surface is ready to accept the wrap. All peeling paint must be removed prior to applying the wrap. If you do not, you will contaminate and ruin your wrapping film. Pressure wash, sand or use another method to ensure no paint is peeling. Use masking tape to stick to the surface and pull off to test that no paint will pull off with the tape. A smooth semi-gloss surface is required for the wrap to adhere correctly. Primer must be sanded smooth. We recommend a 600 grit or finer wet sand to the complete body prior to applying wrapping film. Contact us for questions.

How do I clean my cart to get it ready for the wrap?

The day before you apply the wrap (this allows it time to dry) wash your golf car with Simple Green or similar cleaner (test surface first) and hot water. If your cart has oxidation on it you may need to wash multiple times. Wrapping film will not stick to an oxidized surface. Be sure to clean on the inside edge of all the panels as well making sure you have no mud or debris that could contaminate the surface while applying the wrap. The key to a successful long term installation is good surface prep. Take your time and do not rush or cut corners on prep. Once clean, test surface with masking tape to ensure you have good adhesion.

How can I be sure my cart surface is ready to have the wrap applied?

A simple test you can do is to stick masking tape to various sections of your cart. If the masking tape sticks well then this is a good indication you are ready to start your installation after you alcohol wipe. If the tape is not sticking well make sure you are applying in the proper application temperature no less than 65 degrees F. It may take several applications of the 70% rubbing alcohol and paper towel (do not use shop towels) over the surface to get it ready. Use a hair dryer to help dissipate the alcohol while rubbing it down with surfaces that are stubborn. DO NOT APPLY if your cart has been professionally ceramic coated. Your application must be done in a controlled environment-like in a garage- to prevent wind/dust/debris from contaminating the surface prior to applying the wrap.