Why Paint When You Can Wrap?

Sharper Images Custom Graphics (AKA golfcargraphics.com) announces the release of their all new Body Skins golf car wraps. Once again they have rocked the industry as they unveiled their all new one of a kind wrapping film “Body Skins” as they will be called.

What is it?

Golf Car Body Skins are state of the art custom graphics that are applied directly to the surface of a golf car (peel & stick application). Body Skins kits consists of Qty 5 – 2’x4′ sheets (40sq ft) of graphic film. With this specialty vinyl of custom patterns & effects you are able to wrap the complete body with the assistance of a friend, a heat gun or hair dryer and a few hours of time.

What makes this possible?

The key to making this possible is the high performance vinyl material these skins are made of. . Body Skins kits are produced on state of the art application filmcreated specifically for wrapping vehicles. This 7 yr, 2.75-mil film features an advanced rapid air release system, a reposition-able adhesive & cast construction for highly conformable performance over the most difficult curves, corrugations and rivets.

“We are confident it will meet or exceed the expectations of the most fussiest installer”, stated Pete Ameno, Owner.

Will this material last?

You can be confident the Body Skins graphics will last due to theprotective high gloss cast laminate that covers over the image. This insure years of durability and protection from the elements. The best thing of all is when you decide you would like to have a newBody Skin look on your golf car, the kit removes fast and easy with little adhesive residue left behind.

Can the average shop put these Skins on?

Yes, most anyone can apply this material butapplication experience is highly suggested. With the correct tools and a bit of time and patienceyou can be successful. The application can be accomplished in more than one way. If the installer wishes they can cut the material into (3) – 8″ strips and apply by stacking the strips on top of eachother or they can install as complete sheets of material.

The key to applying this film is to not beafraid of working the film to its potential. This includes using heat to stretch and pull the materialto conform it to the contour of the surface you are applying to.

For new installers we recommend using a hair dryer as opposed a heat gun.

To assist the installer a Toll Free Technical Support Hotline is available for any who may have questions during their application of the product. Alongwith this, the web site will have a FAQ’s , Application pictures and video section to help answer questions & concerns that may come up.

Why will golf car dealers want to use them?

“Competitive Advantage. that’s the reason for every dealer to try at least one kit.”

As the market gets more competitive, dealers are looking for ways to make their golf cars stand out from the competition. Body Skins are the least expensive but most eye catching way to accomplish this. Imagine the reaction from a customer who is looking for that unique look but has limited funds.

Rather than saying, “No, we can’t paint Leopard Skin effects,” say “Yes, we can do it, when do you want to take delivery?” With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, your customer is bound to find just the effect they are looking for. Some effects available are:

  • Leopard
  • Tiger
  • Dalmatian
  • Monster
  • Satin
  • Diamond Plate
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Brushed Steel
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Water
  • Alien
  • Wood

Custom orders are available for those who have special requests. Another advantage to body Skins is the fact you can cover over all the imperfections on a golf car. That means a dealer can pick his most beat up, chipped, dinged, scratched, golf car in inventory and turn it into on of the most marketable units on the lot. Due to the fact you are covering up all the imperfections with the material. Why Paint &emdash; When you can WRAP?

Why Choose Body Skins?

By choosing Body Skins, the customer can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Many custom paint & body shops charge large amounts of money to work on golf cars. Many times this is due to the fact that they specialize in collision and body work not custom paint. Imagine what an air brush artist would charge to custom paint the complete body of a golf car. By applying a Body Skins kit, the average dealer can create a completely custom look that the average painter could never duplicate for minimal investment, in most cases less than a paint job.

Universal Fit Body Skins can be applied on most standard body golf cars. This makes the product more diverse for the shop that carries a wide variety of cars and is a smart investment due to the fact that it will fit on any brand golf car.

Priced To Sell $$ Body Skins are priced to sell.

For a limited time a dealer can take advantage of a special Body Skis sale & promotion. Purchase 1 kit for Only $ 359.00 . Quantity discounts available. Don’t pay the high cost of custom paint along with the many weeks you may have to wait to have a body painted. Most Body Skins are ready and available to ship same to next day. That means you can give your customer the type of service they are expecting. Custom orders are available along with special requests.

How To Order

To order your Body Skins kit today, Call Toll Free 866-289-2358 or log on to www.golfcargraphics.com to see patterns, pictures and video of these state of the art Wraps. Take your shop to a whole new level by applying golf car Body Skins wraps to your new or used golf cars. Call Today!!