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Grinch Mobile UL57 Golf Car Graphic Kit  

Make your golf car look as if it just left whoville with this really neat Grinch themed design. This kit has quite a few pieces that will allow you to get creative when you apply all the pieces on your golf cart. Universal fit, you can trim and apply as you need to make your golf car a true one of a kind.  See details at the bottom of this page for design sizes.



What you get in your kit: 2: large heads 6″x5.5″, 4: small head 3.75″x3.5″, 2: Grinch Mobile emblems 6.5″x15.5″, 2: wide Grinch repeat stripes 4″x48″, 3: medium Grinch repeat stripes 2″x48″, 4: .75″x48″ solid Orange stripes.  You have the freedom to get creative and apply the pieces as you like and with all those pieces I am sure you will come up with a true one of a kind golf car. This kit is universal fit so trimming will be necessary.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 in


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